Kershaw Ken Onion Whirlwind Pocket Knife Speedsafe Assisted Opener Fires Fast!

Another opener developed by Ken Luke of Kershaw. Ken Onon is one of the most popular knife-makers in the industry today, his custom-made products cost more than $1,800 each. Even its Mid-Tech parts (semi-ordered) cost about $1,000 or more.

He teamed up with Kershaw a few years ago to present his knives to another part of the population who would never have the opportunity to try those knives… and so far it has been a success. To date, he has worked with Kershaw on more than a dozen models, including the best-selling garlic.

Whirlwind is one of the first models of the SpeedSafe knife, the blade of which has bulbous holes. This is a very well thought out knife with a comfortable handle. The handle is made of plastic (polymida) with built-in steel liners, which are a system of protection against speeding. SpeedSafe technology makes the blade open just like a vending machine, after opening the blade by about 1/8 inch, but it is legal to take in Canada and most states except Michigan, I find that a very high gadget factor if you ask me!

Here are the stats:
Steel: 440-A
Pens: black polyamide
Blade length: 3.25 inches
Closed length: 4.5 inches
Weight: 3.5 ounces.

As you can see, 440A steel is entry-level steel when it comes to cutlery. With proper heat treatment, it works well enough, but for knife lovers it is low quality steel. It requires more care, but is very easy to sharpen.

Knife – a great price of only about 40 dollars in many online stores, as it is long gone. I have one as well as his brother Blackout, which is almost identical, except that the blade is black and there are no holes in it.

The blade opens with a thumb stud and has a clip to carry down… not my favorite, but acceptable. This knife is popular among non-collectors because of the very affordable price and good appearance. I highly recommend this knife for this price, as well as Endura from Spyderco, which may have the best steel, but without unnecessary details.

Overall the knife is good. The polymer handles are a bit cheap, but the steel liners give them a bit of weight. The steel blade is a bit bad, but still acceptable. Overall, this is a fantastic offer as it shakes all other aspects including comfort and excellent blade shape. The hollow blade is quite thin and has a very sharp edge.

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