Kershaw Ken Onion Avalanche Pocket Knife Review

Those of you who have read my reviews may realize that I am a kind of knife. J. And this knife is one of the best factory users in Kershaw in years.

Another design from Hawaii Custom Maker Ken Onion – Avalanche – was released around the same time as Boa. The overall model of this knife is similar to blackout and Whirlwind knives, which are inexpensive models made of cheaper materials and steel.

Steel blade – CPM-440V with black titanium coating
Pen – G-10
Knife – 3-1/8 “
Closed – 4-1 /2 “
Weight – 4.5 ounces.

The CPM-440V (now renamed CPM-S60V) at the time was hot steel and has now lost popularity in favor of the CPM-S30V, which was developed by Crucible Steel as steel for cutlery. This is the first sample produced exclusively for cutlery. The CPM440V is still beautiful steel and has very high durability, but the sharpening takes a long time and with a manual sharpener, which means squeezing your fingers if you wait too long between sessions.

Avalanche has coarse textured G-10 handles that have a phenomenal grip, but also very tightly hold your pants when you fasten them, to the point that if you wear you daily for a month or two, you have pockets. I know from experience, yes! I solved this problem by polishing part of the G-10 handle below the pocket clamp area.

This knife, like most modern Kershaws and Ken Onions, is also equipped with a Speed Safe Assisted opening mechanism that automatically launches the knife as soon as you press it about 1/8 inch. Most new Kershaws have a “trigger” that protrudes from the back of the knife and is part of the blade. This makes Speed Safe technology easy to use. However, since it is older, it is not, and you should use the buttons for the thumb. It’s a pity, because it’s such a simple design that allows you to take advantage of so many of the benefits of the trigger. New knives such as the Kershaw Bump are very expensive (180 dollars) and require additional fees for new … while old knives such as Avalanche can be bought for as little as $60.

The quality of the knife is excellent. At the edges of the titanium coating there are some defects, such as traces of mechanical treatment, but the casing retainer securely enters the hook with the tooth blade, and the rolling of the blade is absent.

Overall, I would rate this knife with excellent value for money and it can be done with a bit of polishing as a great tool for everyday use.

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