Epic Fantasy Book Review – Lamentation by Ken Scholes

It is an epic fantasy novel that does not follow the now widely used formula that many books in this genre adhere to, but it still corresponds to the genre. It’s a refreshing change. Add to that a lot of imagination and the ability to write clearly and you get an excellent book.

If you’re reading a genre, you know the plot. A young man or woman gets into a situation that he or she doesn’t understand and probably doesn’t want. In the end, he realizes that he belongs to a known family and must take responsibility for saving the world from the forces of evil. He also usually understands that he has a magical power that is the key to saving the world, if only he could understand how to control it. unless, of course, the author is planning a second and third book. This is a story that has been written several times before.

This novel develops this concept and changes it. This book starts with a really big crescendo, and then we follow different characters trying to cope with the consequences. Some are trying to fix something, while others are trying to restore what it was. It’s a great concept and it works well. It’s also a very refreshing read. And it can also be quite strange for you if you regularly read fantasies. But I give the book five stars just for this achievement and for the risk it successfully took.

The story itself is intriguing, and the plot is very successfully unfolding. We get acquainted with different main characters and get a good dose of creative ideas written by the author. He skillfully creates and revives the world of fantasy and magic with just a small number of unusual technologies that make the world feel like a very long and interesting story.

Avoid the biggest traps of confusing epic fantasy

Most epic fantasies, especially when they are part of a series of several books, are associated with a complex social structure. There are always different factions, religions, groups, armies, secret societies, kings and lords competing for control, power and wealth in the world. And this complexity can confuse the book. The reader can get lost in all the details and forget who what is a gentleman. Although this book is complex and consists of several parts, the author easily covers it. We are gradually introduced to different characters and groups, and we always have a good idea of who and where lined up.

Is it worth buying a book?

If you are a fan of this genre and are looking for something new and unusual, but convenient in this genre, then yes. And you’re going to have a good time, because this novel is the first in a series of five planned. And the great thing about this is that the crescendo came at the beginning, you don’t have to worry about how the hero saves almost everything at the end of each book and forces you to take the next book to check whether it’s really the end. eventually it ends.

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