DC Skate Shoes Introduces Ken Block, Pro Skater

When it comes to racing, Ken Block is not one of those who goes to the track with sloppy gear. He understands what it takes to reach the top, and his choice of shoes and clothes makes it clear that only the best will be suitable. It’s hard for him to please, so instead of finding the perfect gear for the track, why not just make your own? That’s exactly what he did with DC Ken Block.

The shoes have a soft but durable leather top with a soft design. Light and comfortable tongue and collar with foam lining provide a high level of comfort and support. The mesh lining retains moisture and retains comfort. The DC insoles has a soft lining for better absorption of strokes. Dynamic Grip’s innovative technology, used on the rubber sole of the shoe, is designed for excellent contact with the ground both on the court and on the board. And don’t forget that the shoes still have the DC logo, which is a constant reminder of high-class craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Shoes that not only emphasizes the style and style of each pore, but also has an ergonomic and functional meaning. DC Shoes Block shoes are shoes you’ll love, with its incredibly comfortable frame down to the meticulous obsession with quality inherent in DC Shoes and Ken Block. So what do you wear when you put on DC shoes? First, you don’t get those low-quality materials like the other sneakers you’ve worn. We strive for the highest quality and use some of the best materials available for Ken and DC Shoes. If you haven’t checked your DC Ken Block shoes, you’re missing out. Put on real sneakers and buy a DC Ken Block, the perfect trainer for skating and socializing.

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